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I am John Hackleman

a.k.a. Pit Master,

I coach/teach Hawaiian Kempo to anyone who wants to keep their lunch, money, kids and adults.

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The Left Hook is without a doubt the most effective strike in all of Martial Arts (including Street Defense).

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Chuck Liddell

"I would not be where I am today without The Pit, and the Pit Master"

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Tony Robbins

"John Hackleman can get the best out of you, in or out of the cage”

Joe Rogan

"If they come from The Pit, they will be in top shape”

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What Is Hawaiian Kempo?

  • Hawaiian Kempo is a unique martial art, its basis founded centuries ago in a Chinese Shaolin temple.
    I created Hawaiian Kempoin 1985 as a comprehensive and diversified means of unarmed self-defense. It is a unique, street/ring/cage tested and proven effective, no holds barred fighting system of offensive and defensive methods, putting equal emphasis on striking, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu and physical conditioning. 
  • Tired of being bullied in my younger years, I knew I would have to fight back, or face intimidation for the rest of my adolescence. With one solid kick to a bully’s head, the framework for Hawaiian Kempo was born!  
  • And no, I was never bullied again.

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The Pit Arroyo Grande

Train at the World famous The Pit in Arroyo Grande, Calif since 2001...... 805-473-2500

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Live Clean - Train Hard - Fight Dirty

"Don't let anyone take your lunch money" is a term I use because when I was a child that quarter (my lunch money) was worth fighting for. Now that I am an adult, I consider my life, limb, family, property, weaker people in need--my "lunch money"...and these are all worth defending and fighting for, when necessary. To be able to successfully defend your "lunch money" you must be prepared. Trying to defend what is precious to you without being prepared is like going to a gunfight with a gun, with no bullets. Knowledge, strength and skill will give you the firepower you need to be safe in any situation. The Pit, Hawaiian Kempo will provide you with all the tools you will need to be safe, fit, and confident...and ready to conquer any situation.


Stay safe in any situation a battle tested no nonsense, proven effective martial arts system.  No wasted, fancy, phoney techniques.  Hawaiian Kempo was created for street defense, was used to create a few Kickboxing and UFC champions, and is now keeping people safe in the street.  Hawaiian Kempo is the most tested martial art ever.


Even if you never get attacked in the street and have to use Hawaiian Kempo, you will still be healthier, feel better and look batter at the beach... can't beat that.  Hawaiian Kempo is the only martial art with a integrated, self contained fitness program as part of it's curriculum.  John Hackleman knew that being in top shape is as important as any other factor when it came to defending your life in the street, or winning a UFC championship.


Giving you kids the gift of confidence is the greatest gift you could ever give them.  That also goes for yourself.  There is no better feeling than confidence, and being able to protect yourself and your family is the best way to hold your head high, make eye contact, and feel like you have "No Fear On Earth".  Being able to protect yourself and your family gives you a sense of inner peace like nothing else.

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Discover the most effective form of self defense on the planet.  Perfected by UFC legends and the nation's best at martial arts.  We are confident it will work to protect
YOU out in the streets.

Meet Your Instructor

John Hackleman is a 44 year veteran of martial arts, a North American Champion, Pacific Heavy Weight Champion and is ranked #5 fighter in the world. He has coached some of the UFC’s most dominant fighters including...Chuck Liddell, Glover Teixeira, Antonio Banuelos, Court McGee and Tim Kennedy. Just to name a few. Now he’s ready to train YOU!

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Train With Us At The Pit...From Anywhere!

I have so many people who love our Hawaiian Kempo system and how effective it is as a martial art. But they live too far to train with us in person. So we launched an online membership site, where YOU will see our weekly techniques being taught by me. You will also see the EXACT SAME drills that we use for UFC champions who train with us. I created this site for working men and women (and their children) who want to learn the BEST training techniques for the practical day to day world—on their own time, from the comfort of their own home. Some of our athletes are interested in entering the UFC Octagon, others just want to be fit. All of our athletes have the power to end bullying, in all its forms. Should the situation ever require it. This site will include ALL of our techniques, drills and even our WORLD-FAMOUS workouts! Thanks for coming. See you on the inside. Welcome to the family!

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