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The Pit Hawaiian Kempo

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The Pit Hawaiian Kempo system is NOT like any other system that shows you bits of technique here, a bit of philosophy and history there. It may even teach you a few Chinese or Japanese words, etc., but there are no other systems out there on the market that do the full spectrum of teaching and learning. Not just in the Martial Art itself but about life, the law, psychology, nutrition, meditation, about business and motivation, the bringing together of minds to create new ideas within the system.

We, at The Pit hope, to connect and bring together every and all fighting and training systems, to build and create the confidence back in each other once more before it’s lost forever.

We, as human beings, thrive when learning from each other and this platform, created by Pit Master and Master Wong is the perfect place to begin that journey.

 This is a chance for us ALL to come together AS ONE to move into the future with confidence and health, a fit and active body, with the ability to look after oneself and your loved ones.

Most of all, it’s a chance to bring ALL resources from every corner of the Earth together in one place. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to train Karate and Jujitsu moves along with Muay Thai, Boxing, wrestling and CrossPit (martial arts-based high-intensity physical training) are all ‘individual sports’ and take the same mindset and extreme determination to become professional? So why not use that same determination and outlook to learn an ‘add on’ skill like The Pit's Hawaiian Kempo system which could prevent you from going to the morgue, nursing-home or prison if you ever had to defend yourself in a real situation?

Me at 16 fighting in a "no holds barred match", and at 60 "trying" to push a 750-pound wheelbarrow up a steep hill ... The Pit Culture, train hard, live clean, fight dirt and Don’t Let anyone take your lunch money, will stay with you.

 After 25 years of full-time martial arts training, competing, and full immersing in a martial arts lifestyle, I decided to create my own system of martial arts, and I called it Hawaiian Kempo. I created it because I felt I knew what worked and what didn't in a "fighting" situation. Whether it was in a Ring, Cage, Mat, or Street, I knew what would work, what would not work, and what was dangerous and a waste of time. I was working full-time as a registered nurse on the night shift, so I built a gym in my backyard so I can stay in shape because I was a competitive kickboxer at the time, and did not always have time to make it to the gym. Before long I was training other people, the next thing I know I had a full-on martial arts gym called The Pit where I taught a very effective system called Hawaiian Kempo. Before long I had full-on martial arts, and fight gym. I kept a traditional, yet hardcore and old-school feel. Next thing I knew, I was retired from fighting myself but I had world-ranked and champion fighters in kickboxing, boxing, and the UFC. All of the techniques and training methodology that we teach at the pit is time, and actual battle-tested to be effective. We have no Wasted movements, yet we have upbeat and fun classes...

The Pit didn't just train Champions, we created them...

In this course, you train in the same techniques that are top fighters like Chuck Liddell, Glover Teixeira, and Court McGee do. You do the same workouts That my UFC Champions to so you will always be in great shape, Yeah you can progress on your belt system all the way up to black belt at your own pace. Imagine having your black belt in The Pit's Hawaiian Kempo. Most high-ranking UFC fighters, martial artists all over the world, and even Joe Rogan has nothing but the utmost respect for The Pit and Hawaiian Kempo.

In this program you will be able to earn, I repeat earned, not given, your ranking in Hawaiian Kempo all the way from white to black.

 Master Wong and Pit Master The Pit Team hope to create a Worldwide Community that will help take care of each other in a more peaceful and civilized way. Our aim is to connect people from ALL walks of life and teach them how to build safer communities, free from bullying and violent crime. The only way to do this is by the spreading of knowledge. To operate within the current system that’s in place... 

The Pit Embraces and trains both martial art's warrior code, mental and physical toughness, intense physical Fitness as well as it's family values ...

The Pit Ohana has some of the greatest minds (and skills) in all of the martial arts.  We have world champion boxers, kickboxers, MMA fighter, Olympic wrestlers, BJJ champions, CrossFit champions, and even genius strategy coaches teach, and working with The Pit...  Together The Pit is the greatest Martial Arts Ohana in the World.

But ate the end of the day, with all of The Pit's accomplishments, rich history, and continued success, we are just an old-school, hardcore, very traditional Martial Arts Dojo.


This is the first time that our system has opened up our teaching to the Internet. We are very excited that people all over the world can experience the fantastic martial art of Hawaiian Kempo... We have a great culture, and we are so happy that we can have more Ohana all over the world. You are in good company, welcome to our family.

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