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Get Your Cardio in "Fighting Shape" !

The Pit Tabata Total Workout is a great work out. That not only exercises all of your body parts, but it also is a high-intensity Interval workout.

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The Ultimate Left Hook

Aloha to everyone from THE PIT ONLINE DOJO to you!  Whether you want to throw a more effective and more powerful left hook, or you want to learn how to defend the takedown better, we have the perfect video course for you.

Learn how to develop a KO Left Hook NOW!  The Left Hook is without a doubt the most effective strike in all of Martial Arts (including Street Defense).  I will teach you how to develop KO power.  I will make you a better, more effective and dangerous Martial Artist.  Here is proof the Left Hook is the best strike in all of Martial Arts and why you must buy this course:

1. Power- Ask any of Mike Tyson's opponents

2. Proximity- Your hand positioning to throw the hook is closer to your opponent's chin. 

3. Stealth- The hook can be deployed, and land with the least warning of any other strike.

4. Safest- This is the hardest strike to counter.

5. Versatility- It is the most versatile strike a martial artist can throw. 

I have been a student of the left hook for decades. I will shorten your learning curve, and teach you to throw a UFC champion quality left hook.  

What People Are Saying:

I would not be where I am today without The Pit, and the Pit Master

Chuck Liddel

John Hackleman can get the best out of you, in or out of the cage

Tony Robbins

If they come from The Pit, they will be in top shape

Joe Rogan