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The Ultimate Defend Any Takedown

     Thank you for being part of one of the World's best Martial Arts systems The Pit Ohana!!!

     If you’re in martial artist, and you consider yourself a striker, please don’t fool yourself into thinking that you don’t have to learn takedown defense, you will end up on your back.  We have specialized, and become world famous for teaching strikers effective takedown defense skills (Chuck Liddell).

     If you answer yes to any of these questions, this course is for you!

  • Are you getting taken down in training?

  • Is your takedown defense weak?

  • Do you hold back on your striking, for fear of being taken down?

  • Do you want to teach takedown defense at your Dojo but lack the skills?

     This course will teach you to defend takedowns, a skill that all martial artists must have!  We have taught the best UFC fighters in the World to defend takedowns from the best grapplers in the World, we can definitely teach you. 

     In this video, you will learn the skills to defend takedowns in a very simple to learn and effective system.  You can learn this life-changing and may be life-saving skill. I break it down into four easy to learn lessons.  

This course is relevant for any takedown!

     Become a more efficient and well rounded Martial Artist NOW!