The Pit & SincityCrossFit presents:
The Pit Combative Physical Training
Taught by The Pit Master, John Hackleman, MMA trainer to some of the best fighters in the world (including Chuck Liddell, Antonio Banuelos, Glover Teixeira, Thiago Alves, Mike Brown, Matt Lindland, and many more), 10th degree Black Belt, CrossFit Level III Trainer, Owner & Head Istructor at the World famous Pit…

Bridging  the gap between Crossfit & Martial Arts.

Learn & teach – get certified in the most effective MA & Fitness System.
Increase your marketability & student demographics with dual branding
with The Pit’s world famous name & systems.
New & Exciting
create Old School tough , yet fun & upbeat classes.
Become a part of the fastest growing sport in the world – MMA
Learn from the best martial arts & fitness teachers in the world.
Combine the proven best fitness program in the world with the most effective combative system in the world, and you get The Pit Combative Physical Training.

When: January 5-6, 12013


It’s coming!  The Pit’s Certification Seminar… New & Improved.


  • Come train the famous Pit Hawaiian Kempo System
  • Learn the most effective and functional physical training system ever …CrossPit
  • Learn The Pit MMA like many UFC champions do
  • Learn the new Pit HK… it’s the best street defense system ever created.  A combination of old school KaJuKenBo (by KaJuKenBo Grand Master John Hackleman), Combative Wrestling, MMA, BJJ… All put together by some of the world’s best martial artists
  • Learn all this while spending a relaxing, fun getaway weekend at the famous (as seen on many TV shows) Pit HQ, and Pit compound.
  • Learn from Pit Black Belts, top UFC contenders in a old school, fun, upbeat, challenging environment.
  • Get certified  in a proven, tested, legit, world famous brand.
  • Teach the system that has created UFC, K-1, and many other world champions, gotten 1000’s of people into top shape, and if fun, practical, old school, yet highly effective.
  • The Pit is a complete belt system for kids & adults
  • Call and reserve your spot now 805-748-3297


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